Burch pp. 1-15



  1. In the sometimes rancorous discussion, Frost (S) didn’t raise (V) his voice (O).
  2. These books (S) explain (V) Hitchcock’s creative processes (O) to the layman.
  3. Jones (S) savored (V) the victory (O).
  4. Old friends (S) celebrated (V) their memories (O) with joy.
  5. The Cirrus (S) delivers (V) power (O).
  6. Full resort amenities (S) include (V) golf for amateurs and professionals, tennis, a fitness center, and a spa (O).
  7. PaineWebber (S) crunched (V) the numbers (O).
  8. The bull market (S) was drawing (V) con artists (O).
  9. By Web or by phone, scamsters (S) can tell (V) lies (O).
  10. The Wyandottes (S) would not desecrate (V) graves (O).
  11. Police (S) in Bavaria find (V) 5.6 grams (O) of superpure plutonium-239 in the garage of a money counterfeiter.
  12. I (S) believe (V) the songs (O).
  13. He (S) ends (V) his posthospital tour (O) with an outdoor show in Kansas City, Missouri.
  14. He’s (S) muffed (V) his share (O) of big moments.
  15. Many movies (S) put (V) their heroes (O) through life-changing experiences.


  1. Aunt Jean (S) taught (V) the brat (IO) a lesson (DO).
  2. Your kiss (S) gave (V) me (IO) shivers (DO).
  3. The waiter (S) poured (V) me (IO) coffee (DO) in a flashy silver mug.
  4. You (S) can save (V) me (IO) time and stress (DO).
  5. Our psychology professor (S) assigned (V) us (IO) a paper and a project (DO).
  6. Nixon (S) forwarded (V) his secretary (IO) the message (DO).
  7. I (S) gave (V) Emily (IO) a blue notebook (DO) with a denim cover.
  8. The florist (S) sold (V) him (IO) a yellow rose (DO).
  9. Paul (S) bought (V) me (IO) a gold Claddaugh ring (DO) in Galway.
  10. With glee, John (S) gave (V) Drew (IO) a black eye (DO).
  11. The real estate agent (S) showed (V) Joe (IO) the big brick house (DO).
  12. Ralph (S) handed (V) her (IO) the pencil (DO).
  13. In legal documents, Engelbert (S) granted (V) me (IO) his power-of-attorney (DO).
  14. The grocer (S) sold (V) the customer (IO) a fruit basket (DO) of lemons, limes, grapes, and apricots.
  15. Goldie (S) built (V) her puppy (IO) a doghouse (DO).


  1. The Marilyn Manson groupie (S) painted (V) his lips (DO) black (OC).
  2. First-year college students and older students (S) too called (V) the cafeteria food (DO) garbage (OC).
  3. Betsy (S) believed (V) the book (DO) about Princess Diana scandalous (OC).
  4. In 1963, Bob Dylan’s political anthems (S) made (V) him (DO) the voice (OC) of the movement.
  5. Critics (S) may proclaim (V) this performance (DO) the best (OC).
  6. This album (S) might make (V) him (DO) hip (OC) again.
  7. The reviewer (S) called (V) Caleb Carr (DO) clever (OC).
  8. The board (S) named (V) my daughter (DO) a National Service Scholar (OC).
  9. The magazine Fortune (S) will vote (V) one company (DO) Most Generous Company (OC) in America.
  10. The ICD-70 (S) makes (V) commute time and downtime (DO) productive time (OC)!
  11. Together we (S) can make (V) the planet (DO) better (OC) for everyone.
  12. Vanity Fair (S) called (V) Monica (DO) a minor-league Marilyn Monroe (OC).
  13. My friends (S) consider (V) the reform ideas (DO) ludicrous (OC).
  14. At one time Texas voters (S) considered (V) Bush (DO) a political lightweight (OC).
  15. Most (S) of us believe (V) statistics (DO) unreliable and unbelievable (OC).




  1. Homer wrote some great classics.
  2. I walked my neighbor’s dog yesterday.
  3. Prison changed him.
  4. The hot food tortured Jack’s growling stomach.
  5. I dropped my phone in the toilet again.


  1. The gadfly gave Pegasus a bite.
  2. The principal presented Stephanie her GED.
  3. The zookeepers feed the gnus carrots.
  4. Gregory bought his girlfriend a sugar glider.
  5. I told the ghost thank you.


  1. Stefan named his turtle Speedy.
  2. The cards painted the roses red.
  3. She believes that is a crime most unforgivable.
  4. We considered the consequences of her actions an appropriate punishment.
  5. The umpire called the throw a ball.

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