Burch pp. 15-23



  1. “Time Out of Mind” (S) is (LV) a spare, spooky-sounding album (PN).
  2. I (S) feel (LV) afraid (PA).
  3. The movie (S) is (LV) preposterous (PA)—and hugely entertaining (PA).
  4. Their issues (S) are (LV) Social Security(PN) and the cost of prescription drugs (PN).
  5. The gentlest things (S) for your skin are (LV) aloe vera, cocoa butter, and pure merino wool (PN).
  6. White House aides (S) are (LV) aghast (PA).
  7. He (S) is (LV) an intellectual heavyweight (PN).
  8. I (S) was (LV) awake (PA) before dawn on April 8, 1998.
  9. The saga (S) of Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr, and Bill and Hillary Clinton was (LV) great entertainment (PN).
  10. Education (S) is (LV) the most important issue (PN) for all citizens.
  11. Those marvelous glasses (S) are (LV) heavy (PA).
  12. You (S) are (LV) a daring Italian pilot (PN) with a handsome mustache.
  13. This flower (S) is (LV) a gardenia (PN).
  14. He (S) was (LV) a clairvoyant (PN).
  15. Sam Adams (S) is (LV) famous (PA) for a few things.

p. 20

  1. Residential streets (S) blend (V) with the world’s most fashionable drives.
  2. Bits and bytes and ones and zeros (S) fly (V) around the planet.
  3. We (S) should meet (V) at one o’clock at Lutece.
  4. Tennessee Williams (S) moved (V) into the literary world with a collection of stories.
  5. This offer (S) will expire (V) soon (adv).
  6. Then the phone (S) beside him rang (V).
  7. Letters (S) arrived (V) at Clairol headquarters.
  8. She (S) never wavered (V) in her belief in the dream.
  9. Mary Cassatt (S) left (V) for Parma with her friend Emily Sartain.
  10. Love (S) dies (V) hard (adv).
  11. The black poodle (S) stretched out (V) languidly (adv) on the snow-white carpet.
  12. Fifi Brown (S) screamed (V) at the mouse.
  13. He (S) played (V) in the center field.
  14. Many (S) of us are (V) waiting (adv).
  15. California congressman Leo Ryan and a group (S) of journalists flew (V) to Guyana.

p. 21

  1. Mr. Carlton (S) became (LV) my most important mentor (PN) in high school.
  2. She (S) had (LV) better control (O) of her temper tantrums after therapy.
  3. I (S) lift (V) my microscope (O) down from the shelf.
  4. A huge gap (S) appeared (V) in the fabric of time.
  5. In the South, cicadas (S) have (V) a breeding cycle (O) of 13 years.
  6. Sean (S) wrote (V) poems (O) about the sea.
  7. The wedding party (S) drove (V) idly into the city.
  8. The railroad (S) made (V) the Industrial Revolution (DO) an accomplished fact (OC).
  9. [You (S)] Read (V) these prospectuses (O) carefully.
  10. Holy Cross Monument (S) shone (V) atop a nearby mountain.
  11. Memory (S) is (LV) sometimes mythical (PA).
  12. My favorite salad (S) features (LV) asparagus, raspberry vinaigrette, and walnuts (PN).
  13. The church (S) has become (LV) more conscious (PA) of its role in the key events of the century.
  14. Dogs (S) can think (V).
  15. It (S) is (LV) the face (PN) of an angel.




  1. Kathy was very morose today.
  2. That fur ball is my cat!
  3. He feels maudlin when Titanic is on TV.
  4. The laughter sounded maniacal.
  5. Jeff will be the best man.

p. 21

  1. Terese landed with a thud.
  2. He sang to the turkey.
  3. Tyrone yelled at passerby.
  4. The puppy fell off of the tractor.
  5. The triathletes finished before succumbing to food poisoning.

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