Burch pp. 39-49


p. 40
Simple Present/Past Tense/Past Participle/Present Participle

4. drive                      drove              driven                     driving
5. sneak                   sneaked           snuck                    sneaking
6. treat                      treated           treated                   treating
7. go                            went                gone                        going
8. roast                     roasted           roasted                   roasting

p. 46

1. Catch
Simple    I catch                         We catch
Present   You catch                   (Same as singular ‘you’)
                  He/She/It catches   They catch
Simple   Caught   Caught
Past         Caught
.                Caught   Caught
Simple   Shall catch   Shall catch
Future    Will catch
                 Will catch     Will catch
Present   Have caught   Have caught
Perfect    Have caught
.                 Has caught      Have caught
Past        Had caught   Had caught
Perfect   Had caught
                 Had caught   Had caught
Future   Shall have caught   Shall have caught
Perfect   Will have caught
.                Will have caught    Will have caught
Present           Am catching   Are catching
Progressive   Are catching
                          Is catching      Are catching
Past                 Was catching   Were catching
Progressive   Were catching
.                        Was catching   Were catching
Future            Shall be catching   Shall be catching
Progressive   Will be catching
                          Will be catching   Will be catching
Present           Have been catching   Have been catching
Perfect            Have been catching
Progressive   Has been catching     Have been catching
Past                 Had been catching   Had been catching
Perfect            Had been catching
Progressive   Had been catching   Had been catching
Future            Shall have been catching   Shall have been catching
Perfect           Will have been catching
Progressive   Will have been catching    Will have been catching

2. Come
Simple    I come                       We come
Present   You come                (Same as singular ‘you’)
                  He/She/It comes   They come
Simple   Came   Came
Past         Came
.                Came   Came
Simple   Shall come   Shall come
Future    Will come
                 Will come     Will come
Present   Have come   Have come
Perfect    Have come
.                Has come      Have come
Past        Had come   Had come
Perfect   Had come
                 Had come   Had come
Future   Shall have come   Shall have come
Perfect   Will have come
.               Will have come    Will have come
Present           Am coming   Are coming
Progressive   Are coming
                          Is coming      Are coming
Past                 Was coming   Were coming
Progressive   Were coming
.                        Was coming   Were coming
Future            Will be coming   Will be coming
Progressive   Will be coming
                          Will be coming   Will be coming
Present          Have been coming   Have been coming
Perfect            Have been coming
Progressive   Has been coming     Have been coming
Past                 Had been coming   Had been coming
Perfect            Had been coming
Progressive   Had been coming   Had been coming
Future            Shall have been coming   Shall have been coming
Perfect           Will have been coming
Progressive   Will have been coming    Will have been coming

3. Care
Simple    I care                       We care
Present   You care                (Same as singular ‘you’)
                  He/She/It cares   They care
Simple   Cared   Cared
Past         Cared
.                Cared   Cared
Simple   Shall care   Shall care
Future    Will care
                 Will care     Will care
Present   Have cared   Have cared
Perfect    Have cared
.                 Has cared      Have cared
Past        Had cared   Had cared
Perfect   Had cared
                 Had cared   Had cared
Future   Shall have cared   Shall have cared
Perfect   Will have cared
.                Will have cared    Will have cared
Present           Am caring   Are caring
Progressive   Are caring
                          Is caring      Are caring
Past                 Was caring   Were caring
Progressive   Were caring
.                        Was caring   Were caring
Future            Will be caring   Will be caring
Progressive   Will be caring
                          Will be caring   Will be caring
Present          Have been caring   Have been caring
Perfect            Have been caring
Progressive   Has been caring       Have been caring
Past                 Had been caring   Had been caring
Perfect            Had been caring
Progressive   Had been caring   Had been caring
Future            Shall have been caring   Shall have been caring
Perfect           Will have been caring
Progressive   Will have been caring    Will have been caring


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