Burch pp. 49-60


p. 50
3. swills the bitter ale extremely slowly
4. almost slept quietly
5. very quickly peeks over
6. he has too considered greatly
7. they had already scrubbed the hall very diligently

p. 52a
1. is pulsating (with a green light)
2. has punished her (because of her phone)
3. had been patronizing them (when it appeared)
4. pressed softly (next to the wound)
5. was wrongfully penalized (for his tattoo)

p. 52b
1. the medicine will not affect you quickly
2. the valve had begun loosening before she reached it
3. the unicorn glittered gracefully as it ran
4. brightly glowing paint along with confetti
5. I have yearned for him after all these years

p. 52c
1. she had had the last straw with him
2. the chimpanzee was flinging something towards the audience
3. she left her dirty thong in the middle of the room
4. they were frequently texting each other throughout the day
5. my dog is always around the litterbox


p. 51
1. were being passed down the tables [where]
2. were moving in a flat-footed but stealthy way [how]
3. danced with a young woman [how]
4. were vibrating with the forceful sound waves [how]
5. held the accordion over his head [where]
6. tried the same trick with some success [how]
7. came back to the ranch [where]
8. had not seen for five years [when]
9. were leaning against the wall [where]
10. in late summer accepted a modest sum of money [when]
11. did not marry again for four seasons [when]
12. measured a capful into her glass [where]
13. came into Danny’s Diner [where]
14. sat always at the same corner table [where]
15. landed in Binghamton [where]

p. 53
1. During the days that followed, (PP) Sholem Waldman went (V) downhill (ADV)
2. He would (AUX) not budge (V) from his bed (PP)

p. 54
Some fig grew by our back door, the old, stubborn tree that was slow to leaf out. Your moon threw shadows of fig branches that curled like empty hands across Estevan’s face and my chest. Something inside the man was turning inside out.

p. 58
1. The dancers were rather late to rehearsal.
2. The designer suits at Neiman Marcus are incredibly expensive
3. There was absolutely no way to cross the flooded street
4. Last weekend, Uncle Mark was really broke
5. Lou Ann was noticeably embarrassed by Bobby’s loud and obnoxious conversation
6. Very few students have your success!
7. The witness was pretty sure about what she saw
8. The jurors were mostly cordial to the prosecuting attorney
9. Sammy’s new car was way cool
10. The apple pie was too hot to taste


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