Burch pp. 104-112


p. 107
1. his concentration fixed
his hands folded reassuringly across his lap
2. Hips swaying
3. Pencil sharpened
paper piled neatly before me
4. hair ribbons cascading behind them
5. Antlers erect
eyes focused on the men across the way
6. Eyes wide open
7. Tail switching slowly back and forth in pleasure
8. Fangs dripping with blood
9. My insecurities gone
10. Hands steady
11. gift held proudly before him
12. each of us peering intently into the descending dusk for glimpses of the familiar and the unknown
13. my arms swollen as sausages from lactic acid
my head pounding from tension, lack of food, and good old self-loathing
14. the crew laughing
his eyes meeting Dillon’s
15. her petite frame contrasting with GaoLing’s sturdier one


p. 108
2. Wings fluttering wildly, Icarus splashed down into the cold and salty sea, his face wearing a look of desperation.
3. Worry lines etched  into his forehead, palms sweating profusely, John clutched the teddy bear, eyes searching the crowded room.
4. Each tier balanced carefully atop a larger one, frosting color-coordinated with the bridesmaids’ gowns, and plastic bride and groom standing on the very top layer, the wedding cake looked perfect.
5. The little girl woke up from a nightmare, tears ebbing at the corners of her eyes.
6. Windows shattered, paint gouged with a large sharp object, vandals had totally spoiled the car

p. 110
1. Hands shaking, she read her piece to the class
2. Jenny, yogurt in hand, spied the donuts on the counter
3. Voice cracking, the boy loudly sang in the corner of the coffee shop
4. Hand stinging with scratches, he let go of the cat
5. She nodded, brow furrowed, mouth grimacing



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