Burch pp. 113-123


p. 114
1. Participle phrase HW: presented
2. Noun phrase HW: experience
3. Noun phrase HW: childhood
4. Noun phrase HW: pillow cover
5. Participle phrase HW: smiling
Prepositional phrase: at Leroy
6. Verb phrase HW: was sitting
Prepositional phrase: on the crest/of a hill
7. Noun phrase HW: professor
Prepositional phrase: of humanities/at City College
8. Infinitive phrase HW: to make love
Prepositional phrase: in Venice
9. Adjective phrase HW: pieces
Prepositional phrase: of old furniture
10. Noun phrase HW: light
11. Noun phrase HW: faintness
12. Gerund phrase HW: groaning
Prepositional phrase: of the hydraulic valves
13. Verb phrase HW: crossed
Noun phrase HW: city
14. Prepositional phrase
15. Infinitive phrase HW: to have
Noun phrase HW: family


p. 115
1. Phrase
2. Clause
3. Clause
4. Phrase
5. Phrase

p. 117
1. Dependent
2. Independent
3. Independent
4. Independent
5. Dependent

p. 122
1. He brandished the gun, but he didn’t know I was conscripted into the army.
2. He had been right about liberalism; we were surprised by this assumption.
3. “It’s terribly unfair,” they scowled.
4. Everybody blames us for being late to school, so we can’t wait for the bus here.
5. We met at an evangelists’ camp meeting near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and they are ready to defend their deep and famous interests.


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