Burch pp. 133-141


p. 135
1. who she was
2. what a woman would do!
3. what she needs
4. she does not want to go with them
5. how it turned out
6. that we were proud of our heritage (Object Compliment)
7. what we will do
8. where the land meets the sea
9. What you have in your apron
10. Why he is late coming from the mines
11. why the sun comes up in the morning
12. The main thing
how we should live to prepare for the future
13. that he was married
14. how it happened
15. I couldn’t talk to him while I was in my decision-making process

p. 138
1. more winning horses than any other rider
2. As many people enjoy murder mysteries as enjoy fantasy
3. more trouble than any other one
4. more peaceful than Izzy
5. more difficult than the last job

p. 140
1. I: The street had to be roped off
the policemen had to keep the crowds back
children had to play hooky from school
D: when there was a piano moving
2. I: Point it where you want to go
keep your weight on the pegs with the revs up
this machine bounds over rough ground like a motorized gazelle
D: where you want to go
the pegs with the revs up
like a motorized gazelle
3. I: It takes about 45 minutes for the movie to emerge from Sir Ian McKellen’s beard
he plays the garrulous wizard Gandalf
D: this enormous hunk of quasi-medieval myth
based on the work of JRR Tolkien
is consistently beautiful and exciting
4. I: He was never allowed into the mysterious warrens during the workday when he was younger
at 5pm he would carry a glass filled with amber fluid
D: push the swing door with his foot
5. I: I was on the perpendicular part of the cliff
unless I could get over it soon I would just peel off the wall
D: unless I could get over it soon


1. The MVP’s exorbitant comeback clinched it
2. He told us a story about how his wife took up Israeli folk dancing
3. He showed us where to eat in the neighborhood
4. Nobody in the class knew how to solve those problems
5. That is not what the meaning of education should be about


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